Bay Area Math Teachers’ Circle Network

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AIM Math Teachers’ Circle – Stanford

Welcome to the AIM Math Teachers’ Circle at Stanford! We are a professional community of teachers and mathematicians who love solving fun, challenging math problems. Founded at the American Institute of Mathematics in 2006, the AIM Math Teachers’ Circle is the original member of the national Math Teachers’ Circle Network.

In December 2014, the American Institute of Mathematics moved from its Palo Alto location to the Fry’s Electronics Corporate Headquarters in San Jose. AIM reopened on January 1, 2015, in its new location at 600 East Brokaw Road, San Jose. In February 2015, the Math Teachers’ Circle began meeting twice a month, at AIM and at Stanford.

2016-17 Meeting Schedule

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July 10-14, 2017: Immersion Workshop

The AIM MTC, in collaboration with the Bay Area MTC Network, offers a free residential summer workshop for math teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Spend a week immersed in mathematics, gain hands-on experience with problem solving practices, and make connections with local teachers and mathematicians!


Nora Suppes Hall 103, 224 Panama St, Stanford, CA 94305. You can park in the lot on Panama St. across from Ventura Hall (Lot L-21 on the parking map). You can park in any of the “A” or “C” spaces, which is most of the lot — permits are not required after 4:00 on weekdays.


Hana Silverstein, AIM Special Projects Assistant, hana (at) aimath . org

Leadership Team

Brian Conrey, American Institute of Mathematics
Tom Davis, San Jose Math Circle
Mary Fay-Zenk, Miller Middle School (retired)
Tatiana Shubin, San Jose State University
Hana Silverstein, American Institute of Mathematics
Josh Zucker, Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival