Circling to Connect

Building Math Joy on the Foundation of Math Teachers’ Circles


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Fundamentally, Math Teachers’ Circles are communities of mathematics professionals focused on sharing the joy and challenges of math and of teaching with one another. As such, MTCs can also provide the human resource infrastructure for concrete efforts to improve mathematics education and build joyful math culture among students, families and communities.

Here we feature two successful models that, respectively, connect MTCs with carefully designed inquiry-oriented classroom materials (Circles of Inquiry), and build on the expertise of MTC members to bring joyful math to students and families (Julia Robinson Mathematics Festivals). In addition, we also highlight three new opportunities that we believe are complementary to and synergistic with the work of MTCs: a student- and parent-focused math culture-building program (Math Monday), a program for introducing students to contemporary research in mathematics (Math News Snapshots), and a scholarly publication outlet for researchers and practitioners working in the Math Circle space (Journal of Math Circles). We hope you enjoy learning about these programs and opportunities, and that they spark new and exciting ideas to nurture your MTC’s growth.

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Journal of Math Circles

Emilie Hancock and Brandy Wiegers

This article originally appeared in the Autumn 2019 MTCircular.


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Circling to Connect

Five Programs Building Math Joy on the Foundation of Math Teachers’ Circles

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