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In June, the Monterey Bay Area Math Project (MBAMP) at the University of California, Santa Cruz, offered a Math Teachers’ Circle (MTC) Summer Institute under the direction of Judith Montgomery (Santa Cruz MTC), Administrative Director and Academic Facilitator of MBAMP. The Summer Institute was attended by a mixed group of people, including K-12 teachers, K-12 math coaches, math professors, education professors, math graduate students, math education graduate students and teacher educators. The Santa Cruz MTC won a MTC Network grant to increase access to this 3-day event, which was inspired by the format of an MTC immersion workshop. The event was also funded in part by The California Subjects Matter Project (CSMP), The Santa Cruz County Office of Education and eight school districts from Santa Cruz, Monterey, and Santa Clara Counties. One response to an anonymous end-of-workshop survey said, “MBAMP definitely deepened my understanding in mathematics. I had so many ‘a-ha’ moments both as a learner and as a teacher. The teachers inspired me to teach with questions and lead students to discover answers. I felt my brain growing each morning, as I challenged myself to stretch past the limits I had subconsciously placed on myself. I am excited to return to school to do daily number talks and math games, running records to assess and help my students grow, and lesson study to observe and learn from my colleagues. Thank you!” The photo above, taken at this workshop, depicts participants at MBAMP’s Summer Institute sharing ideas in a problem-solving session.

– Contributed by Judith Montgomery


Chris Bolognese (co-founder of the Columbus MTC) recently completed his one-year term as Editorial Panel Chair for the Mathematics Teacher journal published by the National Council of Mathematics. He also served as a department editor for two years and has served on the editorial panel for three years. Additionally, Bolognese was recently one of 41 teachers accepted from 700 applicants into Cohort 4 of the Desmos Fellowship. He was also accepted to be part of the SIMIODE MINDE Educators Fellowship in Oregon, which is working on designing and facilitating mathematical modeling tasks using differential equations.

– Contributed by Chris Bolognese

On April 30, Ohio University graduate student Rebin Mohammed (Southeast Ohio MTC) was recognized on the floor of Congress by Representative Steve Stivers (R – Ohio) as an example of the outstanding contributions of international students to research and education in the United States. Mohammed’s involvement with the Southeast Ohio MTC was highlighted in as follows: “Originally from Iraq, [Mohammed] is helping inspire the next generation of mathematicians by volunteering with the Southeast Ohio Math Teachers’ Circle and The Math League of Southeast Ohio, which coordinates math-related activities for diverse groups of middle and high school age kids.”

– Contributed by Bob Klein

This article originally appeared in the Autumn 2019 MTCircular.


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Dispatches from the Circles

Local Updates From Across the Country