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We are developing Bay Area Teachers and Mathematicians (BATMath) as an alliance of MTCs hosted in counties that touch the San Francisco Bay. BATMath is now a network of 10 MTCs, and growing!

This summer, the American Institute of Mathematics held an immersion workshop for newcomers to BATMath. Thirty-five teachers spent the week immersed in doing mathematics. Meanwhile, six teacher leaders – all veteran MTC members – spent the week writing middle school lesson plans based on topics presented at the workshop.

– Contributed by Hana Silverstein

Middle school teacher and San Diego Math Teachers’ Circle member David Honda displayed a work of mathematical art at the 2018 Joint Mathematics Meetings. Honda’s “Dodecahedral 11-Hole Torus” was inspired by the challenge of creating an origami structure with both concave and convex surfaces.

– Contributed by Yana Mohanty


The West Kentucky MTC, recently founded at Murray State University, received a generous $4,000 grant from the Peter H. and E. Lucille Gaass Kuyper Foundation. The Foundation is closely tied to Pella Corporation, one of the largest employers in Murray, KY.

We did “Exploding Dots” at our first MTC recruiting workshop in November at a local middle school, and it was a resounding success.

– Contributed by Craig Collins and Beth Donovan


The Mississippi Delta MTC will host a Celebration of Mind event on February 24, 2018. We also hosted Saturday MTC sessions in August, November, and January.

– Contributed by Liza Cope

New Mexico

In July 2017, 29 teachers attended the Northern New Mexico MTC summer institute, led by James Taylor (Santa Fe MTC), Amanda Serenevy (Navajo Math Circles), and Bob Klein (SouthEast Ohio MTC). The institute was made possible by the Northern New Mexico College STEM Mentor Collective, Española TechHub, Math Circles Collaborative of New Mexico, NM Supercomputing Challenge, and Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) Foundation.

Math Circles of Northern New Mexico partnered with Española Valley High School (EVHS), Pojoaque High School, and Carlos Vigil Middle School (CVMS) to host math circle activities in the schools. CVMS invited us to take over 7th grade math lessons two Fridays a month to regularly reach all 250 students at the school! James Taylor and Melany Rodriguez (Española TechHub) facilitate the circles. Española TechHub received a $6,132 grant from LANL Foundation to further math circle activities in Northern New Mexico schools.

– Contributed by Josephine Kilde


The first MTC in central Pennsylvania, Math Teachers at the Center of Pennsylvania (MTCPenn), held a successful three-day workshop at Juniata College with support from national MTC mentor Bob Klein. The seed that we planted has started to grow and we hope that it will flourish and persist for a long time.

– Contributed by Henry Escuadro


In Fall 2017, the Utah MTC held sessions exploring perspective drawing and string art. In January 2018, we will explore the mathematics behind kicking a conversion in rugby.

– Contributed by Troy Jones

This article originally appeared in the Spring 2018 MTCircular.


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