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Give Students a Competitive Edge with the MAA American Mathematics Competitions

Problem-solving skills are at the core of mathematics. Join the MAA American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) for the opportunity to build creative problem-solving skills in your math students. The AMC is a great way for students to hone their analytical thinking and problem-solving skills through classroom resources and friendly competition. The middle school competition takes place in November and both levels of the high school competitions are held in February. Visit amcreg.maa.org to learn more and register for AMC.


Applications Are Open for the 2018 Rosenthal Prize

The Rosenthal Prize for innovation and inspiration in math teaching, a $25,000 prize administered by the National Museum of Mathematics in New York City, celebrates innovation and inspiration in the upper elementary and middle school math classroom by rewarding a teacher who creates an exceptional, hands-on, math activity. The application process opens in January 2018 and preliminary applications are due in May 2018. For more information, contact rosenthalprize@momath.org.

Know of another opportunity of interest to the MTC community? Contact us at circles@aimath.org.

This article originally appeared in the Spring 2018 MTCircular.


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Two MTC leaders present in Australia and Colombia

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