Case Studies of MTC Participants Published in The Mathematics Educator

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The Mathematics Educator (TME) recently published an article entitled “The Impact of Math Teachers’ Circle Participation: Case Studies,” by Brianna Donaldson, Michael Nakamaye, Kristin Umland, and Diana White. The article analyses the self-reported experiences of four MTC participants with varying professional and educational backgrounds over the course of two years. According to the article, “Taken together, evidence from these case studies suggests that for some teachers, participating in a MTC can serve as a catalyst for changing their reported views of mathematics, classroom practice, level of professional engagement, or even all three. … Providing additional support for the development of productive teacher mindsets about mathematics, connecting with other PD programs that focus on pedagogical skills such as inquiry-oriented teaching, and incorporating opportunities for professional engagement are ways in which MTCs, and perhaps other content-focused PD models, may be able to support teachers more effectively in their professional growth.” The research was supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation’s Discovery Research K-12 program to the American Institute of Mathematics. Access the full article online.


This article originally appeared in the Spring 2019 MTCircular.


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