Math Teachers’ Circle Organizer Toolkits

Note: Previous organizers can still access the planning resources page. Please contact us if you need the login information.

This page will contain toolkits for MTC organizers, including “Beginning Your Circle,” “Sustaining Your Circle: Common Challenges,” “Session Leaders’ Guide,” and “Circle Mentors’ Guide.” The toolkits will integrate resources such as:

  • presentations and discussion guides from our series of “How to Run a Math Teachers’ Circle” workshops
  • example documents, proposals, and plans from successful MTCs with different strengths and challenges
  • articles from the MTCircular newsletter
  • checklists and templates to help with your planning and organization

New leadership teams selected for support through the MTC Network will work through the “Beginning Your Circle” toolkit in conjunction with conference calls with MTC Network staff.

The Beginning Your Circle toolkit is now available. Next up will be the Running Your Circle toolkit, with resources including meeting checklists, sign-in sheets, example participation certificates, and example evaluation forms.

Sustaining Your Circle

Session Leaders’ Guide

Circle Mentors’ Guide